Who We Are

Since 1997, 609design has been in the creation business.

From graphic design to logo creation and illustration, 609design has taken pride in giving clients what they want – quality work in a timely fashion.

It’s about that simple, isn’t it?  Do something that looks good, and and do it quickly.  If we did have a slogan (ahem), that’d be it.  609design – Good and Fast.

But over the years, we’ve become more than that.  609design can provide anything you need for your business, from design and printing to advertising and marketing to writing and photography. In the last 10 years, 609design has become a one-stop-shop for multi-media communications.

Think of something, and we’ll help make it work.  If you can’t think of anything, we’ll help you create an idea and together make it a winning solution.

Whatever your needs, we can do it...fast.  Good?



Seven years ago, Rutgers Athletics had no
identity.  I was asked to create that identity.  If you’ve noticed the giant red R plastered across your television set and on millions of shirts and hats across the country in the past seven years, then you’ve seen my work.  If you were one of the millions of people who watched a Rutgers home football game and saw the field, or took notice of the Rutgers basketball court on TV or any number of billboards across New Jersey and Florida, then you’ve also seen my work. 

More than that, if you’ve gone to a seminar, taken a tour of Philadelphia, purchased something internationally, or even gone to the dentist, there is a good chance you’ve seen my work. 


I worked at Rutgers University for ten years, being the primary designer and Director of Publications for six.  Throughout those 10 years, 609design has been a passion of mine, and a destination I knew I would focus more on in the coming years.

The coming years have come.

In the past 10 years, 609design has gone from a heartwarming side project and a way to make more money to, well, my life.  Welcome to my life.  For a self-proclaimed computer geek, there is no better way to live my life than to wake up, go to the office and stare at nearly 700 square inches of monitors for 10-12 hours.  That’s what my professional life has become – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My specialty over the years has been my ability to do many different things.  There are many facets of Public Relations and Marketing that all need to work seamlessly together for goals to be reached.  I’ve prided myself on the ability to succeed working with many mediums, from graphic design to illustration to writing to...well, take a look around the site and see for yourself.

Another benefit of working in the industry for as long as I have is the ability to create and maintain relationships with some of the top designers, illustrators and photographers in the country.  Combine those connection with having come from a family with a lineage of prosperity in journalism, publishing, public speaking and media sales, and there isn’t much 609design can’t help you accomplish.  Let me put it this way; if I can’t personally do something for you, we have a network of people who can.


My goal in life is to design t-shirts and be a television critic.  That’s what I want to do when I retire. 

I understand, of course, that retirement is a long ways away.  For now, I just want to be creative. 

My mind never stops trying to come up with new ideas.  My objective is to find other people who have the same passion for creativity, help them achieve their goals, and together, create and exceed new ones.



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